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Customer Testimonials

The following unedited testimonials and comments have been received from current and past clients of SecurePro Technologies.

"The outdoor color cameras provide unbelievable night quality.   Our parking lot is dimly lit, and SecurePro was able to give us great shots of our vehicles at night.   They tied that to our Access Control system they installed and have cut down on our labor hours noticeably.  We are impressed."

Blake Jonas, Chief, Cascade Enforcement Agency


"SecurePro installed systems for us chainwide nearly a year ago.  We have seen a significant decrease in our costs, and an associated increase in our operational efficiences since the (video) system went live.   The deterrent factor, insurance savings resulting from fewer injuries, and recoveries from theft make our investment in the system a good investment."

"It's not that equipment hasn't failed….It has.   But SecurePro jumped on it immediately and replaced the faulty equipment.   I'm very impressed with the level of service throughout our chain."

             Tyrholm's Big R Stores

"The best video local police had ever seen.  Thank you SecurePro for delivering a solution that truly works!"

Steve – Javelin Logistics


For more information on how we can make you a satifisfied client of SecurePro technologies also, please call us now (503) 674-2613, or email at Please note that the comments refer to varying types of work undertaken, and that the client's website may have changed since the work was undertaken.

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