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Video Recording Solutions

This is NOT your fathers CCTV.

DVR's were a tremendous advancement over VCR's.  NVR's are just as great a leap from DVR's.  But, sometimes a transition is required to maintain budgets and functionality. Today's professional solutions will provide you the peace of mind you require and the video quality and ease of use that users will find refreshing.

Click on one of the pictures below to visit the manufacturers pages directly.  

Avigilon Control Center          

Avigilon records the highest quality video using an advanced algorithym that allows for quick retreival and playback.  Few solutions on the market allow for such high quality recording.  2, 5, 15MP recording is now possible and won't even break the budget!

VE Hybrid    VideoEdge Picture

American Dynamics, with tremendous success history with Intellex, has hit another winner with Victor!  Probably the best solution on the market for transitioning and upgrading older analog systems to the new IP models.

Exacq Vision is one the best at integrating other solutions such as Software House Access Control, Data capture, etc. into one simple to use interface.  Pictured below are two screenshots from Exacq Visions powerful integrations. 

Exacq Vision Data Integration   Exacq Bookmarking

We also offer solutions from Samsung, OnSSi, Bosch, and others.  We've simply listed our most popular solutions above for your convenience.  If you would like to see something other that what's shown above, please feel free to drop us a line or call anytime.  One of our Security Solution Specialists would be happy to set-up a live demo for you of the solution that best meets your needs.