Systems Integration

System integration is a means by which two or more systems are integrated in a seamless fashion.  In the security world, it could mean tying video and access control together with an intrusion and fire system.

Example:  You are the Manager, guard or administrator and have your desktop screen up.  Access is made by an employee using a valid card at a back door to your warehouse.  However, because the door is being held open a live image pops-up on your screen that shows the exact location on an embedded map of your facility.  You see this employee letting another individual into the secure area.  With the click of a button, you lock the interior doors, leaving this employee and his unwanted guests in the vestibul without access in or out until someone gets there to verify information.  An LCD screen shows the employee a simple message why the doors have locked around him. 

Or another scenario:   Sales person arrives at the office with clients.   Because his credentials are programmed accordingly, all the lights in the area he has access to come on at the swipe of his card at the front door.  And, upon leaving the area, the go off, automatically.  This salesperson not allowed after 7pm?   No problem, his card is only programmed to work M-S between 7 and 5pm.

Finally, you are the security / HR director for a 100 store chain with locations across the country.  With 3-4 cameras in each store, and access control at the front and back door you have complete remote control of every lock in the entire chain.   Simply log into the system, click on an interactive map showing all locations, and with the click of a mouse, you can lock/unlock doors, change schedules, remove users from having access, add users and access valuable reports showing all opens/closes, etc.

Let a SecurePro professional integrator design a solution that fits your needs, and budget!

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