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Intrusion Detection Solutions for Residential

SecurePro Technologies is proud to present a full complement of Intrusion Detection Solutions.

Everyone recalls the day when Intrusion Detection was simply called Burglar Alarms. And, while marketing wizards all over the country take some credit, the name change is due to the enhanced systems.

Corporate security was historically comprised of a burglar alarm with contacts on the doors and windows, and a motion detector inside to detect would be thieves. These points were, of course, all tied to a burglar alarm panel and, in the event of an actual alarm (broken contact) a signal was sent to a central monitoring center and the proper authorities were called.

Welcome to the 21st Century! Today’s criminals look nothing like those of yesteryear. While alike in many different psychological profiles, their means for carrying out crimes against homes have drastically changed (or at least evolved!)

Talk with a SecurePro Solutions Specialist about adding a CCTV camera system like the big companies use to your home. You won’t believe the special prices we extend to homeowners, but you will LOVE the value of seeing what you may have been missing! Kids out front? Keep track from any TV in the house with the click of your remote.

Contact Us to see how we can secure your home today.

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