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Intrusion Dection For Commerical Applications

SecurePro Technologies is proud to present a full complement of Intrusion Detection Solutions.

Everyone recalls the day when Intrusion Detection was simply called Burglar Alarms. And, while marketing wizards all over the country take some credit, the reason for the change is the systems have changed.

Corporate security was historically comprised of a burglar alarm with contacts on the doors and windows, and a motion detector inside to detect would be thieves. These points were, of course, all tied to a burglar alarm panel and, in the event of an actual alarm (broken contact) a signal was sent to a central monitoring center and the proper authorities were called.

Rarely do we hear of a company loosing tens of thousands of dollars by someone breaking down the front door.  Sure, it happens.  In fact it still happens all too frequently.  But criminals are smarter now.   They’ve learned that breaking and entering the old fashioned way is "small potato’s."  The way to get "big money" from theft is to do the job from the inside!   Hence, the change to Intrusion Detection.

Intruders may be a thief, unknown to the business owner/manager.  But they also take the shape of their own employees and customers.  Traditional "key-type" locks make for easy access to a business after hours.   And they leave little or no record if not for advanced technologies such as "smart" alarm panels and CCTV systems.

Intrusion detection systems are set-up and tied into a central monitoring center in much the same was as the old burglar alarms.   However, these new systems can tell the monitoring center and, eventually, even you which exact code was used to interrupt the system, how long it was done, exactly what time, patterns, and which door they came and went through.  This can then be tied directly to your CCTV system to record all the exact events and, if you want, even transmit the signal to the monitoring center or guard service for better response. (Many Cities now will not even allow their Police departments to respond to alarms unless they are visually verified either in person or via remote CCTV (Please click on digital CCTV to learn more about those solutions.)

Now, take that one step further.  Eventually you will have Card Access (aka Access Control).  "Smart Keys" as they are sometimes referred to not only tell you (or the monitoring center) exactly who entered and all the other stuff like location, but also gives you the ability to quickly and easily remove access for a terminated employee for example.  Or you may wish to limit access to an employee’s normal shift or else their access card won’t open the door. 

All these systems (burglar panels and contacts, motion detection, CCTV, Card Access and advanced monitoring services) comprise Intrusion Detection!  And nobody is better able to bring that too you than SecurePro Technologies.

SecurePro deals only the finest products on the market.   Guaranteed to provide the level of protection you need in today’s world, rest assured that your business is protected from both known and unknown threats when your not there!

Contact SecurePro today and an expert professional will assist you in planning your system.  We can provide you with a free, written quote to give you the kind of information you need to make an informed decision.

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