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Video Surveillance (CCTV, IP, Integration)

Shoplifting, employee theft, vendor fraud, lost productivity, fraudulent lawsuits, etc. steal billions of dollars each year from businesses—many just like yours. Fortunately, there are solutions—SecurePro, a leader in bringing anti-theft and safety solutions direct to you, can significantly reduce the frequency and magnitude of all types of loss with a professionally designed and installed, state-of-the-art Video Surveillance System.

Let SecurePro increase your ability to protect what matters most to you. We continually research hundreds of manufacturers and select only the best; we then partner with you to find the best solutions to fit your needs. With our complete line of world leading Video (CCTV) solutions from industry leaders American Dynamics, Avigilon, Bosch, Samsung and others; we listen to your concerns and goals and exactly match you to the proper solutions. After installation, we are there to help you implement your system.

MegaPixel IP Video

IP Video has turned video surveillance into a whole new realm of possibilites.  With today's quality IP cameras from manufacturers such as American Dynamics, Arecont, Axis and others, the amount of information packed into one picture is nearly immeasurable.  And now, we can provide you with the ability to record, store, sort and interrogate that evidence in a way never before possible, at full native quality!

No longer do you have to view video at full-resolution, then review it a lower quality.   Call us today and we will demo some of the great solutions available to you today.


DVR's / NVR's


Viewing live or recorded video locally or remotely via the Internet, quickly and easily finding video events using motion, light changes, time/date, alarms or other filters, and tying text from a POS, Barcode reader, or other text medium are just some of the solutions a quality DVR will afford you. Intellex, Avigion and VideoEdge are at / near the top for their respective jobs.  And today's recording solution should well equip your facility to grow with technology.   For example, multiple units offer IP based recording in addition to tradition wired cameras.   While some solutions and technologies may not be the right fit today, you need a solution that will grow as your needs grow and change as technology progresses.   Let our professional Security Solution Provider's integrate a plan that just right for your organization today!

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