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How departments benefit from digital video recording

Today, while those applications are still a major part of any CCTV system, Digital Video and more particular Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s), allow anyone within an organization to use this powerful tool.   Just look at how some different departments are benefiting from digital recording!  

Management – Is the store opening/closing on time?  Proper procedures being followed? And the training benefit from quality video of "real" situations provides an invaluable asset.

Marketing – Viewing the new signage placement from their office. Are the colors exactly what you wanted?

Merchandising – Are those end caps being utilized properly? What does the people count look like down this isle?

Facilities – They can now see the issues / problems before ever traveling there.  Many times saving a trip altogether.

Human Resources – Think of the reduced risk of lawsuits by providing the type of safe work environment today’s employees are demanding.   Better not miss that backroom incident!   With Digital Recording, you don’t have too!

Executive Management – How better to impress the boss!  Give him/her a copy of the special software needed to view sites remotely and let them experience all of their facilities at once, anytime they would like!  

Security/LP – Last but certainly not least, reductions in the amount of time needed to find incidents, double check suspicious activity, save clips to disk (or cd) and print or email them, build a case based on text (POS) exception monitoring, etc.  

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