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Infrared—Tamron InfraRed Lenses

Tamron is an outstanding manufacturer  of lenses of all types.  However they have really crossed the line into greatness with their IR LENSES.   Sporting a line-up of 16 models in 8 different optical designs, these lenses mounted on the proper camera can make even the darkest settings appear bright!   The latest optical designs compensate for various aberrations that occur the visible and near infrared ranges for sharp images in all applications. Tamron’s IR lenses meet the performance characteristics of day/night cameras 100%, for true 24-hour surveillance.

  • Compatilbe with day/night cameras
  • High image quality in near infrared range
  • Chromatic aberrations corrected in visible and IR spectrums
  • Wide dynamic range of F/1.0 aperture
  • Multi-layer coating applied
  • Environmentally-conscious design

These are amazing at seeing at night—your Day to Night solution.
Download pdf for more information

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