Virtual Agents

Virtual Agents is a joint venture between SecurePro and a leading, local security guard service, Cascade Enforcement Agency.  

Our Intellex DVR's are tied to the dispatch office of the security guard company via a highly secure software platform.  Then, at intervals you've chosen with the guard company, their agents and/or dispatcher logs into your DVR and virtually "tours" your facility.  This tour provides the same images nearly as a live on-site guard could provide walking through a property.  However, this can be done at a significantly better price than on-site guard tours.

Best of all, if an event occurs, the dispatcher will either dispatch one of his/her own guards to the location, or can immediately dispatch police, fire or medical assistance.

  • Imagine having the reassurance of a "virtual guard" walking the last few employees to their cars late at night!
  • Intrusion Alarm Verification…Immediately determine if additional resources are required.
  • Motion Alarms – DVR can actually be set to "call" the dispatcher when a predetermined event occurs (such as motion, door opening, etc.)  They can even provide real time video evidence to first responders.
  • Receive 3, 4 or even 5 "walk-throughs" per night, in addition to a physical walk around for deterrence, all for less than you currently pay for guard service.

SecurePro Kennewick Project

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